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Procrastination, my destiny…

“Everything changed with the arrival of the Traveller…”

Yes all hobby has come to a grinding halt due to my shiny new Xbox One!

I’m hooked playing Destiny even though it’s not a great game – where’s the social element Bungie?!

Currently blasting through undecided as the Warlock and Titan, hopefully it isn’t too long of a story so I can get back to the hobby.

Doesn’t help that I can’t make a game for nearly 2 weeks so there goes some urgency!

Back to it…


The Elder Scrolls Diversion


Skyrim Dragon small

So as stated in an earlier post i’m a muppet for getting distracted!

I started this blog to inspire me to paint some of the unfinished legion in my display cabinet which whisper “paint me..” repeatedly over my shoulder and guess what I did…

Yup, about 100 hours hammering Skyrim!  Granted, “Lagertha” my Nordic Shieldmaiden had a great time slaying dragons with her Ebony War Axe and sucking their souls out but what have I achieved?!

So i’ve bent myself over [easy tiger 😉 ], flailed my back in bloody repentance, installed a new SSD into my gaming rig and wiped my old hard drive leaving me with NO games.


Painting time…