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Escalation League: Pakeshi Sector Maximus


No one remembers how the conflict started at Haven but we all know what happened. The fall of one planet triggered a new war at Maximus.  Something that looked like an insignificant clash of small skirmishing bands soon escalated into full sector conflict.  For some mysterious reason all major forces are driven to this cold, frozen world.  At this time the planet is just about habitable.  Its equator has what is best described as bad winter conditions; its poles require years of training to operate in.  This is the largest planet in the Pakeshi System and is a hive world.  There are 5 hive cities and very little other than wilderness between them…the-overlords

So at my local gaming club The Overlords in London we’re starting a new Escalation League next month!

The league has a blog on wordpress here.

This will be my inspiration to paint up a very wolfy army full of Thunder, Fenrisian and Cyber Wolves!  This army:



Champions of Fenris (500)

Rune Priest – Runic Armour, Rune Axe, Bike

Iron Priest – Thunderwolf Mount, Bolt Pistol, 2x Cyberwolves

5x Wolf Guard – Bikes

3x Thunderwolves – 1x Storm Shield


Inspired by the new supplement I think this stands to be a great fun army to play with the sheer ferocity these fanged furies can bring down upon their foes!

I’ve clearly got a lot of work ahead of me and for some reason I started with my HQ, I usually leave these till last but oh well.


Note the icicles on the base thanks to “GirlPainting” on YouTube here.  Love it…


Still got to do his company markings and work out how to use snow flock but there’s time!

Also can’t wait to paint this guy up:


Oh and for those tactical geniuses out there amongst you, check out this special rule for the league…

Veterans of the Frozen Wastes

Fighting for a long time in winter environment made those warriors capable of developing their logistics and combat skills to the extraordinary level.

  • every unit with winter theme base modelling and painting scheme gets re-roll for Difficult Terrain tests;


More information about The Overlords can be found on their Facebook page here!


Steampunk Space Wolves Cyberwolves

In my quest for cheaper better cyberwolves for my Space Wolves I’ve found these. Tiny watch cogs, springs and all sorts! Watch this space for my upcoming conversion I can’t wait!

Now I want to do a steampunk army!

Tactical thoughts about Space Wolves/Champions of Fenris in 7th

So i’ve played a couple of games in 7th now with my new wolves and i’d like to share with you some of my thoughts so far.

  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader

Equipped with a thunderwolf mount, runic armour, storm shield and the Krakenbone sword, this gent is a potent character.  Coming in at 175 points he’s not ludicrous for cavalry with T5, W3, 2+/3++ with 4 attacks at WS6, S6, AP2, rending and preferred enemy (characters).  Having used him however you have to really remember that he is only S6 so don’t go wasting him against anything T5+ because he doesn’t have the attacks for it.  4 attacks is wanting in my opinion and whilst he makes a decent tank (especially if you can get the Warlord Trait allowing you to reroll a failed save) his killing potential is limited.  Do not allow Typhus to challenge him as I once did!  Send him after grubs… the real stuff of sagas!  Next i’ll be swapping him for the Thunderwolf Lord, runic, fist+claw combo for more attacks, -1 to my invuln save, +1 would and S10 when required.

  • Rune Priest

I tried this guy mastery level 2, runic armour and a hood for 120 points.  Taking Tempestas discipline I discovered very quickly that he is a short range unreliable nuker.  He NEEDS mobility and sat in a rhino didn’t cut it for me.  Put him on a bike and you might do well and if you take him in the standard codex consider the Helm of Durfast for the twin-linking and ignores cover.  Don’t expect too much from him like this however.  Next i’ll be playing him on a bike with biomancy buffing my thunderwolves.


  • Arjac Rockfist

I tried something silly with old Arjac, I ran him solo and teleported him into the fight!  Fortunately my opponent at the time (CSM) weren’t very shooty so he didn’t get shot to pieces instantly!  He did scatter too far away to use his hammer on arrival which was a real blow but then succeeded in running into combat with a hellbrute and smashing his face in.  Really needs to be in challenges because of the PE and mere 3 attacks base.  Next time i’m going to buy him a fast attack drop pod to guarantee the hammertime.

  • Lone Wolf

I played this guy in terminator armour with a storm shield, wolf claw and melta bomb deepstriking in for 70 points.  Scared the crap out of my opponent however he is only 2 attacks base so I wouldn’t be that bothered if I were facing him.  A wolf claw is designed to cut through infantry but with the mere 2 attacks you’re not going to be doing that very well and you cant run units down in your TDA so I could suggest the thunderhammer and send him hunting bigger things: vehicles, monsterous creatures and of course the ubiquitous tar pit.  I could see these guys being fun deepstriking in next to a locator beaconed drop pod, shame the wolves don’t teleport with him!

  • Grey Hunters

Ran as 10 hunters in a pod with 2x meltagun, close combat weapons, a wolf guard leader with combi melta for 233 points.  It’s great we can now drop 3 melta shots in our hunter pods but it’s still not a cert against armour.  6 plasma shots will be equally as awesome.  Without the banner now (no more rerolling 1s *sad face*) the unit has lost much of its durability and I still find them pathetic in combat against most things that get into combat. I used mine to pop a Land Raider which the contents of then wiped out the squad.  I’m leaning towards using them more for midfield objective holding with plasma taking advantage of obsec for the pod if in a Combined Arms Detachment (CAD).

  • Thunderwolves

I’ve only got 3 of these guys but I feel good about them especially now rending applies to all melee attacks even with a special weapon!  I think they all need stormshields even though people say you can position them so the enemy can’t target those without I find that your enemies are often capable of moving.  I would expect to take losses because people are scared of them so I will need to be buying more but there are so many wonderful options I can’t yet advise on all of them.  Powerfists are obviously immense for the S10 AP2 – I know there’s an argument for them being only S9 but its a crap one that will get FAQd out just like every time GW has written the rules for TWC.  The wolfclaw deserves a special mention for S6, rending with shred.  That’s a take all comers weapon on a 4A model if a bit pricey.  Some friends of mine are suggesting all power mauls for S7 AP4 rending or S8 with Harald, sounds great we’ll have to see about that one.  The big question is to run them cheap or not.  I’m leaning towards large squads with a couple of powerfists and all stormshields.

  • Predator

I’ve tried the tri-las pattern now that it’s cheaper for us – 140 points.  I think this is a “meh” unit; nothing special.  It doesn’t provide enough shots for a serious threat and many things you’ll be shooting at that range will have a cover save so there goes half your shots potentially to “aiming between opposing models”.  I think you need more mobility on this kind of weapon or use melta.

  • Longfangs

Only played the missile/lascannon variants and I feel the same about these as I do the predator above.  I feel we do anti-tank better in melta/melee range.  I’m looking forward however to trying the anti-infantry options (plasma cannons and heavy bolters) maybe supported by Ulric for the PE bubble when I can be bothered painting more power armour!


Whilst Treemen Slumber…

…the Eternal Guard stand watch.

As I varnish these Eternal Guard I realise to myself – I have NEVER 100% completed a unit before.

Such an achievement i’m obviously now destined for great things.  What an easily distracted, half-hearted bum I am lol!

IMAG0655 IMAG0651

Now I don’t need to hear anything about how 10 of these guys does not make a unit – I don’t GAFlyingF!  I enjoyed painting them and am psyched for the next thing.  I’ve got my eyes on the Warhawk with the archer on it actually but how disappointed am I to learn that its metal?!  Come on Games Workshop, you just did a Wood Elf release and didn’t update your metal minis?!  WTF?  You lazy, easily distracted, half-hearted bums!

If anyone has any knowledge of a plastic variant from any manufacturer please let me know.

Anyway the unit looks great in my opinion even if I did do all the skin in the same tone – not like me.  Oh and the GW spray on “Ardcoat” left a strange dusty residue on the bare superglue used on the leaves on the movement tray.  Will have to chuck a wash over that.


And yes they look good from behind too (some of them are women right?!) as I get to enjoy my recently discovered green edge highlighting that I love so much!


For Eldrazor!


Beneath the Banner of the Lord of Blades

So I finally made the leap and attempted some freehand painting.  I didn’t want to do the Eternal Guard banner from the book I wanted something original so after reading the army book I came across this bit of lore:

“Eldrazor (the Lord of Blades) is the patron of duellists … one of the oldest traditions of the Eternal Guard is to ritually consecrate regions of Athel Loren and mark them with crossed-dagger pendants”


And so I designed a crossed dagger image for them.  I used the shape of the blade of their spears for inspiration and added a elven grip like those seen in LOTR.


After a couple of gridded trial runs with pen and paper I am more than happy with how this came out.  I showed my girlfriend who commented on how 3D it looked!


What’s more, if I ever play a game of Warhammer Fantasy, because of the angle of the banner’s sculpt, i’ll be able to see the image from behind too!


One thing I will note, on the front i’ve Waywatcher Green glazed the whole banner which has muted the daggers.  On the back I avoided the daggers themselves with the glaze and it looks much better as they stand out much more.

Now to finish the unit and it’s movement tray.



Back into the fray!

Ok so I decided to paint a Razorback!  Woop!  Exciting!  I bet you’ve already closed the window.  Good idea!  I’ll continue for my own benefit.


Basically I have 2 Rhino/Razorbacks, 1 Predator, 2 Vindicators, 7 Drop Pods, 1 Chimera, 1 Landraider Godhammer, 1 Landspeeder, 2 Storm Talons, 1 Stormraven and a Knight Titan and until now I hadn’t painted one of them beyond the 3 colour minimum I might have needed to get it into a tournament.  Lazy or what?!  Makes me wonder what the value of all those vehicles is?  Better not work that out…

IMAG0607 IMAG0604

Some thoughts on vehicles:

  • Shading is a totally different than on a marine.  Inks pool on flat surfaces so I could only use them in recesses.


  • Blending is required to add any depth to the vehicle which takes a long time but thank god i’ve got some acrylic retarder!



  • Object source lighting around the lights and lenses kinda feel unintuitive totally covering the original colour but looks great from a meter away, less so up close.


  • Originally the white bits were grey but the model NEEDED some contrast.


  • Its very easy to go overboard in “mucking it up”.  I used the Citadel technical paint “Typhus Corrosion” but on reflection I think I should have drybrushed some browns at the bottom first so the TC wasn’t so starkly different to the blue.  Also shorter brush strokes with the TC to make it look less “brushy”.


  • Black drybrushed in a circular motion around the vents to represent exhaust damage worked well on the armour but not so much on the white bits.


  • I didn’t use the sponge technique for damage/paint chips I did it all freehand.  I found myself painting over a lot of this work to reduce clutter and for ease when blending later so next time i’ll paint clean and try the stippling sponge approach.


  • Looking forward to doing some freehand work on the Rhino hatch i’ll be doing for the roof.  All my minis are magnetised.

March of the Elves


And so it begins… my first ever Wood Elves!

I’ve gone for strong summer greens and it was such a relief to paint something that wasn’t blue/grey…  I almost wet myself with joy when I cracked open a pot of green paint!

Now bases are a new thing to me and they totally make the models, what have I been missing?!

So far I’ve done no more than paint sand white to look like snow but now I’ve discovered a whole new world of modelling wonder!  I ordered the Deep Forest Basing Kit from Basecrafts and had some real fun playing around with the stuff I got.  The pack contained resin tree stumps/fallen logs, forrest floor scatter, awesome leaves, bushes and a heap of other bits!

As you can see I’ve gone for some green bushes with yellow flowers made from this spongy material which I’ve layered so that lighter shades were on the top covered with a light sprinkling of yellow flock.

I’ve modelled mushrooms out of green stuff (modelling putty) and I think they add a really nice contrast on the bases.

Did I mention how awesome those leaves on the vines look?!

This was my first time using the new glazes too.  I did one guy with a single layer and another with a double layer and I like the result.  The double is a bit too much on the Sage green cloaks but I love how it makes the metal blades look eerily green.


IMAG0454      IMAG0455