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Thunderwolves Endure

Simple concept.

Thunderwolves with storm shields, Thunderlord with runic armour and storm shield, Rune Priest + Biomancy Endurance =

Rock hard unit crackling with Fenrisian killing power!

I finally ran these guys the other day and they rocked.  The 4+ FNP is amazing on TWC and lords.  Biomancy just helps so much if you can get this.  Also Lifeleach so they can regain wounds is worth a mention.

Your unit is 2+/3++/4+++FNP with the lord out front.  Now add champions of fenris too and get warlord trait 1 (reroll one failed save a turn) and you have:

One very dangerous Anvil.

And cheap(ish) too!

Now I ran a Rune Priest with a jump pack in the unit buffing it and we came across some difficult rules questions about how the jump pack member effects the movement and charging ability of the cavalry.  Basically one of the TWC had to charge through cover at one point and we decided that they lose fleet because not all members have it, but because the cavalry ignore terrain (no -2 modifier) and the jumppack does the same if used to assault, there was no negative to the charge range.

I wonder how this would work if Runey was on a bike?  I don’t think regular bikes ignore terrain.  White Scars however…