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Escalation League: Pakeshi Sector Maximus


No one remembers how the conflict started at Haven but we all know what happened. The fall of one planet triggered a new war at Maximus.  Something that looked like an insignificant clash of small skirmishing bands soon escalated into full sector conflict.  For some mysterious reason all major forces are driven to this cold, frozen world.  At this time the planet is just about habitable.  Its equator has what is best described as bad winter conditions; its poles require years of training to operate in.  This is the largest planet in the Pakeshi System and is a hive world.  There are 5 hive cities and very little other than wilderness between them…the-overlords

So at my local gaming club The Overlords in London we’re starting a new Escalation League next month!

The league has a blog on wordpress here.

This will be my inspiration to paint up a very wolfy army full of Thunder, Fenrisian and Cyber Wolves!  This army:



Champions of Fenris (500)

Rune Priest – Runic Armour, Rune Axe, Bike

Iron Priest – Thunderwolf Mount, Bolt Pistol, 2x Cyberwolves

5x Wolf Guard – Bikes

3x Thunderwolves – 1x Storm Shield


Inspired by the new supplement I think this stands to be a great fun army to play with the sheer ferocity these fanged furies can bring down upon their foes!

I’ve clearly got a lot of work ahead of me and for some reason I started with my HQ, I usually leave these till last but oh well.


Note the icicles on the base thanks to “GirlPainting” on YouTube here.  Love it…


Still got to do his company markings and work out how to use snow flock but there’s time!

Also can’t wait to paint this guy up:


Oh and for those tactical geniuses out there amongst you, check out this special rule for the league…

Veterans of the Frozen Wastes

Fighting for a long time in winter environment made those warriors capable of developing their logistics and combat skills to the extraordinary level.

  • every unit with winter theme base modelling and painting scheme gets re-roll for Difficult Terrain tests;


More information about The Overlords can be found on their Facebook page here!


March of the Elves


And so it begins… my first ever Wood Elves!

I’ve gone for strong summer greens and it was such a relief to paint something that wasn’t blue/grey…  I almost wet myself with joy when I cracked open a pot of green paint!

Now bases are a new thing to me and they totally make the models, what have I been missing?!

So far I’ve done no more than paint sand white to look like snow but now I’ve discovered a whole new world of modelling wonder!  I ordered the Deep Forest Basing Kit from Basecrafts and had some real fun playing around with the stuff I got.  The pack contained resin tree stumps/fallen logs, forrest floor scatter, awesome leaves, bushes and a heap of other bits!

As you can see I’ve gone for some green bushes with yellow flowers made from this spongy material which I’ve layered so that lighter shades were on the top covered with a light sprinkling of yellow flock.

I’ve modelled mushrooms out of green stuff (modelling putty) and I think they add a really nice contrast on the bases.

Did I mention how awesome those leaves on the vines look?!

This was my first time using the new glazes too.  I did one guy with a single layer and another with a double layer and I like the result.  The double is a bit too much on the Sage green cloaks but I love how it makes the metal blades look eerily green.


IMAG0454      IMAG0455