A Fable is Born

Greetings and welcome to my modelling/wargaming blog!

Here you will find a pathetic display of narcissistic praise hunting in the form of poorly shot photographs of beer swigging Space Wolves (most of which I probably wont complete) and pansy-ass Wood Elves (most of which I probably wont complete), coupled with some arrogant ramblings about tactics and stuff that will likely make you seek me out in person and stamp on my models all the while screaming “MURGHLALALALABLERGLEPOO”…

And don’t expect much to ever get finished because I have a serious lack of attention span and…. *goes to make a fry up*


A modelling life story from birth to death, grown from an inexperienced fingerpainting adolescent into the most powerful wargamer in the world. Dare I choose the path of righteousness or dedicate my brush to evil?!