Shadowsun and the trials of painting white!

So this is the result of what started out as a desire to paint a Fire Warrior combined with providing my Tau playing friend – Andy – with something he can use.

The white with red details is his personal colour scheme, quite striking on a dark table but what a ball-ache to paint!

White is the DEVIL!

Wary of building up from my usual black primer I went with The Fang – a dark blue – and built up with layers of grey until I got to the primary white of the armour which is white with the tiniest drop of grey in it to make it “off-white” and to provide a contrast for my pure white edge highlighting.



Now Shadowsun has a lot of nooks and crannies between the plates of her armour.  At first I left them black but because there were so many and the contrast with the black it made her look like a cartoon which wasn’t the look I was going for.  So I filled in some of these nooks with the off-white I was using and instead gave her a very thin purple wash.  I hoped this colour would provide an ethereal edge to the model which might suggest the stealth armour/femininity.

IMAG0689The usual fun was had on the base (my favourite bit atm) with fallen leaves, green lychen washed brown/dark green (to remove uniformity) and a light sprinkling of a yellow turf – all from Basecrafts.

I also used the Nihilakh Oxide again on the thing she is standing on but found the blue too bright after application so I toned it down with a black wash.


This little red markings were fun to paint.  I googled “Tau symbols” for my inspiration and went to town.  I even managed to sneak my initials in there… Let’s see if Andy ever notices my mark haha!

Shasowsun TC
Oh and 100 points to anyone that knows which Lord thinks he decapitated her?!



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