Back into the fray!

Ok so I decided to paint a Razorback!  Woop!  Exciting!  I bet you’ve already closed the window.  Good idea!  I’ll continue for my own benefit.


Basically I have 2 Rhino/Razorbacks, 1 Predator, 2 Vindicators, 7 Drop Pods, 1 Chimera, 1 Landraider Godhammer, 1 Landspeeder, 2 Storm Talons, 1 Stormraven and a Knight Titan and until now I hadn’t painted one of them beyond the 3 colour minimum I might have needed to get it into a tournament.  Lazy or what?!  Makes me wonder what the value of all those vehicles is?  Better not work that out…

IMAG0607 IMAG0604

Some thoughts on vehicles:

  • Shading is a totally different than on a marine.  Inks pool on flat surfaces so I could only use them in recesses.


  • Blending is required to add any depth to the vehicle which takes a long time but thank god i’ve got some acrylic retarder!



  • Object source lighting around the lights and lenses kinda feel unintuitive totally covering the original colour but looks great from a meter away, less so up close.


  • Originally the white bits were grey but the model NEEDED some contrast.


  • Its very easy to go overboard in “mucking it up”.  I used the Citadel technical paint “Typhus Corrosion” but on reflection I think I should have drybrushed some browns at the bottom first so the TC wasn’t so starkly different to the blue.  Also shorter brush strokes with the TC to make it look less “brushy”.


  • Black drybrushed in a circular motion around the vents to represent exhaust damage worked well on the armour but not so much on the white bits.


  • I didn’t use the sponge technique for damage/paint chips I did it all freehand.  I found myself painting over a lot of this work to reduce clutter and for ease when blending later so next time i’ll paint clean and try the stippling sponge approach.


  • Looking forward to doing some freehand work on the Rhino hatch i’ll be doing for the roof.  All my minis are magnetised.

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